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Review: Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the weapon to fight skin aging

Time for a sunscreen review!!

Sunscreen is always a must. Doesn't matter if you are staying in door or not because, there's still chances of UV exposure no matter where you are (even if you are in your own house!!). Why am I so obsessed with sunscreen?? Actually, I didn't know the importance of sunblock until 5 years ago. Sun exposure is one of the common key to skin aging process. Start protecting your skin while we are still young, prevention is better than treatment. So, apart from applying anti-aging cream and essence, add sunscreen to your skin care regime too because UV is still the main cause of aging. I'm not going to dwell too much of the importance of sunblocks, lets start the review now... :p Ta daaa

Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Moisture Milk SPF 50+++

Attraction: Contains Hyaluronic Acid for skin hydration, waterproof
Opinion: Its oily, shiny, my skin doesn't seem to take in, the texture too milky and watery
Regret buying: Yes

Biore UV Bright Face Milk SPF 50+++

Attraction: Skin brightening
Opinion: Its the same as sunplay, my skin just can't take it, leaves a greasy layer on my skin
Regret buying: Yes 

Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster SPF 30

 Attraction: Lavender fragrance, not sticky
Opinion: Its not sticky when first applied but my face looks oily after a few hours. Its only its oil control that puts me off, so if you've got a normal skin and your face doesn't secret oil easily, it works fine. It very expensive
Regret: Yes

Clinique Derma White Brightening City Block SPF 40+++

 Attraction: Brightening, the reputation of the brand
Opinion: Acts like a liquid foundation and gives light coverage, evens out skin tone, slightly sticky at first but once absorbed it feels OK, gives my skin a dewy glow. Can wear this alone, if you don't have any blemish scars or pore that badly needs to be concealed. Currently using this, as it covers a little and 'very slightlty' conceal my pore
Regret buying: Nope

Bio-Essence Sunscreen Moisturizing Cream SPF 56++

 Attraction: Tanaka (cooling of skin, whitening, sun protection)
Opinion: Not sticky at first but after few hours skin looks shiny, give white residues if not blended well, but it does brighten my skin instantly after application
Regret: Kind of.

Paul n Joe Protection Foundation Primer UV SPF 40++

Attraction: The Brand, the packaging, foundation primer
Opinion: The hardest to blend, not creamy but 'paste-y', nothing much to say about this sunblock as I don't like its thick texture at all. Weird fragrance. Expensive.
Regret buying: YES, and very.

OXY UV Tinted Protector SPF 50++

Attraction: Anti-blemish
Opinion: Can't see in any way that it help with my blemishes, doesn't provide any coverage, feels greasy
Regret buying: Yes

Nano White Omega Day Shield SPF 50++

Attraction: Whitening, happy aroma
Opinion: The least greasy sunblock I've ever use, easy absorption, breathable skin, smells 'happy', affordable (can be found in most pharmacies), can be use as body sunblock since its so affordable :)
Regret buying: No  

Clinique City Block Sheer SPF 25

Attraction: N/A because this is a sample gift
Opinion: Its similar to Clinique Derma White, but the SPF is too low for me as I'm living in a warm country, I need higher SPF.
Regret buying: N/A (its free)

I dislike milky sunscreen as most of those that I've tried, gives my skin a greasy feeling, my skin just can't take it in. I would go for creamy as my skin absorb better. Tinted sunblock is the best, as it slightly correct your skin imperfections and minimize the use of concealer or liquid foundation. Most of milky sunblock don't really provide coverage. Make sure you look out for the '+++' sign. As the '+' sign indicate the degree of  UVA protection while SPF is UVB protection. UVA actually penetrates deeper into the skin than UVB which is believed to be the major factor to skin aging for e.g wrinkle.  So more '+' (UVA) and higher SPF (UVB) gives better protection for your skin.

FYI: UVA is the dominant ray in skin tanning, so those of you who might want fairer skin, the number of '+' sign in your sunblock is very important (3 '+' sign is the maximum so far).


Blogger said...

Hey sister, totally agree with you that sunblock is soooo IMPORTANT!!!! I'm currently using the neutrogena ultra sheer sunblock, it's not sticky - water light lotion and it has SPF 50+ with PA +++!!

I love it so much and this is my 3rd bottle! can give it a try if you dont like sticky sunblock~!

sugarmizbunni said...

REALLYY??? As long as its not sticky and high spf with lots of +++ I'll definitely try. I think neutrogena is a good brand worth a try :)Will check it out soon!!^^ Thanks Blogger

sophia said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!

Omg I love Late Night Alumni! Haha I had them on heavy rotation on my imeem playlist ^_^

Hehe isn't Anna Sui just so girly? I'd never seen the white before either, but my sister said the black compact wasn't as pretty so she chose white. Do you live in the states? I know that some products can be ordered online... but *sigh* it's not the same as buying at dept store!

e.motion in motion said...

Hey love! Thanks for following (: Aww, I love this reviews hehe it was really entertaining to read all the little speech bubbles XD I also agree how important sunscreen is!!! Many of these sound really good :D

sophia said...

Hehe yea I was so obsessed with their music too! <-- one of my favs :)

you might also like Samantha James music too!

I'm so pissed.. I had all these music playlists on imeem.. but then myspace bought them and all my playlists disappeared :(

xbbkay said...

thanks for the helpful review! i have been thinking of investing in some sunscreen, even though i don't think i'm outside that much. But i do want to have nice skin when i'm old. haha

I never knew about the "+" as UVA either, so that was very informative. THanks!

P.S ilove your speech bubbles

Musicalhouses said...

Thanks for the great sunblock reviews! I totally agree with you that sunblock is important,but it's so hard to find one that's good quality and not sticky! I liked the photos, I thought the 'talking sunblock blobs' were kind of cute!

vanillabeanlatte said...

great review! seems like clinique ones seem great! need a good for the summer!

Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

wow you have a lot of sunblock!! it's definitely a must-have everyday beauty item. i try to use it everyday 'cause i don't want wrinkles so soon!

i really am loving my mint green polish. i've been wearing it so much every since i bought it! hehe definitely check it out if you get the chance :D thanks for visiting my blog hun! xx

pfefi said...

omg love the little speech bubbles! XD

i really want to try mac's prep+prime, it's spf 50 but i don't know anything about it's UVA protection~ have you tried it?

Eisse J said...

Hi Sugarmizbunni, Fabulous review! and i love the speech bubbles too. =) I've used the Biore and nanowhite one and I also like the nanowhite omega day shield sunscreen. Affordable and good (^^)b. Not greasy at all,with a fresh scent.

I agree with Blogger that the Neutrogena Ultra sheer Sunblock is good too.

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