Sunday, December 12, 2010

Review: Medi Stockings (Scholl Qtto) - For slimmer legs

I always dream of having a slimmer legs.. I've tried some leg exercise that claim to make my legs slimmer but I gave up after doing it for few days :p due to my laziness and no result seen anyway...

I've always wish that there's a ways that my legs can be slimmer without doing any exercise. A magical cream or magical stocking that I can wear overnight and the next morning my legs will be slimmer. Well, previously I tried bio-essence cream, after applying it day and night for more than 4 weeks (it claims that result can be seen in 28 days), NO RESULT seen..... disappointed :(

My job requires me to stand and walk most of the time that is why everytime when I reach home from work, my leg look fatter (and shorter too due to the illusion). This is due to water retention due to too much salt content in food and also prolonged standing or sitting.

Until recently, I found Medi Stocking (Scholl Qtto)

I saw this ad, and I was so attracted to get this stocking. I was searching for it in all the pharmacies. Unfortunately at that time, it has just launched so not all the pharmacy have it yet. Actually once I saw it I didn't get it immediately because the price is not that cheap ($46 for just pair of stocking that I don't even know if it'll work for me) and also I was considering to buy Leggings ($56). Also meant for nighttime use, Medi Qtto Sleeping Leggings are designed to tone the butt, hips and legs.

Scholl Medi Qtto: So, does it work??? That's the question. This is to be proven through my little 'experiment'

Scholl Medi Qtto: This is the measurement taken at night time. Wasn't working that day so my leg was not too swollen. I took the diameter of the fattest part of my calf.

Scholl Medi Qtto: Time to squeeze myself into it. Honestly, its super super tight and quite hard to wear. My advice, please don't wear this during summer or hot weather or when you are sweaty. The material is quite thick. Before you decided to buy this, make sure you measure the diameter of your ankle, calf and thigh (for leggings) to determine the size. Mine is M.

Scholl Medi Qtto: Look how tight it is. My legs immediately appear slimmer and toner due to its tightness. Now, time to sleep!! and wake up with slimmer legs.... :D 


Next Morning..............
Scholl Medi Qtto: WooWW, I can't believe my leg have shrink 1.5 cm after a good night sleep. But, how long can this measurement be maintained??? Guess, I would have to remove this legging and have a walk for few hours. 

 Scholl Medi Qtto: Awww....after removing the legging my calf is now 0.5 cm fatter...hmm at least there's still a 1 cm difference compared to before I went to bed.

After few 3 hours of sitting and standing...........

Scholl Medi Qtto: My leg is going back to its original size..........but still 0.5cm slimmer compared to yesterday night though. Its interesting to know that the size of my leg can vary this much through out the day. Guess I should just cut down my salt intake and just wear this legging every night to mantain its size. 

(P.S Results may vary in different individual)

Conclusion: Medi Stocking (Scholl Qtto) does make my legs slimmer 0.5cm, but whether or not the result can be maintained it depends on salt intake, daily routine (standing/sitting duration), and health condition. Considering that this hosiery can make my leg slightly slimmer therefore it does work. The fact that I just sleep and not doing any exercise but I woke up with slimmer legs, it's already a BONUS for lazy girls like me.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

What I'm Using now?

It's time to update 'what I'm currently using'. Now that I think back what I've been using after all this month...guilt runs through me....I have never used a product for a year, every few months I'll switch brands.. Does this happen to you??or is it just me?? I would like to know what you are using and how long would you stick to the same brand, please do feel free to leave me any comments :)

Shampoo: Silkpro Hair Thinning Treatment Series (Luv the light and soothing fragrance - blend of eastern and western herbs). Not that I have hair thinning problem but my hair seems to fall of really easily. I was hoping that can reduce my hair fall. Still observing if there's any reduction in hair fall.

Conditioner: Silkpro Treatment conditioner (bought this because it says that its for colour treated hair) It makes my hair feel so soft and smooth after wash. I've not regret buying this at all. Click here to check out their web

Hair Care: Essential Anti-Frizz Serum (Luv the scent...soooo sweet)

Shower: Mark & Spencer Rose Shower Cream
               L'occitane Peony Shower Cream

               Neutrogena Rainbath
               Eubos Baby Cream Bath Oil

Body Exfoliator: Earth Organics Garderners

Body Moisturiser: Earth Organics Garderners (with organic Manuka oil)

Makeup Remover: Faceshop gel makeup remover, Faceshop herbal wipes, Biore wipes

Facial Cleanser: Faceshop (err don't know the name of the range as I can't read korean but its for hydration)

Face Exfoliator: Dr Brandt Microdermabrasion Cream

Toner: Kose & SKII

Anti-aging serum: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

Eye Cream: Lancome Genefique (finishing soon) next will be Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

Face Moisturiser: Vichy Normaderm (DAY), Faceshop (NIGHT)

Sunblock THIS IS A MUST! : CLIO Small Face BB cream SPF50+++
                                                 CLIO Diamond Rose BB cream SPF30+++
                                                 Biore SPF50+++

Foundation: I usually use BB cream as my foundation which is also my sunblock

Concealer: BB cream

Eyeliner: CLIO Killer Black

Mascara: CLIO

Eyelash Curler: Muji

Lip: Etude House Aqua Tint #01,
       Smith's Rosebud Slave Lip balm,
       Dermalogica Climate Control Lip Balm,

       Metholatum Deep Moist Lip Balm

Blusher: Maxfactor Cream Blusher

Health Supplement for skin: Shiseido Collagen EX
                                                 Vitahealth Evening Primrose Oil

Perfume: CHLOE (all time favourite - irreplaceable)
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